Bilal Eksi, the chief executive of the Turkish Airlines, has recently come up with the news of the United States deciding on the lifting up of the ban of carrying electronic goods to the country. The order is said to be put into effect from the 5th of July 2017. Eksi remarked this in his recent Tweet. In March, the United States of America barred the carrying of any large electronic devices on the airplane by the passengers traveling to and from Turkey, North Africa, the Middle East, etc. The people belonging from these countries were only allowed to carry hand luggage. The only electronic gadget that was allowed to carry is their mobile phones. The Flag-Carrier of Turkish Airlines responded to this ban by notifying the passengers, even the business class travelers to quit carrying their large devices onto the plane. The United States in the last Sunday lifted this ban on the passengers who accompanied the large electronic devices on the flights of Etihad Airways, from its base, Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways was, in fact, the first airline to have a sigh of relief hearing the news of lift up on the ban by the US.

Why the Ban was Put in the First Place

It is being said that the decision was made by the US Department of Homeland Security when Etihad has implemented the top-notch security measures in its flight operations. It is important to know that the United States had to put the ban when it learned that the globally wanted Islamic State jihadists, or the ISIS were planning to terrify many first world countries. The United States did not want the risk of carrying the explosives inside any airplane, just like the 9/11 incident. Therefore, they made this steadfast decision of banning the carrying of the large electronic goods in the form of laptops, tablets and even portable electronic goods, except the mobile phones on the plane by the travellers belonging from some of the notorious Islamic major countries of the world, known or speculated for harboring the ISIS jihadists.

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