Like every year, 2017 is also going to be the year of the newly updated smartphones launched with future proof features that are going to blow the mind of the techies into a great deal. But as they say, with great power, comes greater responsibility, in the case of the security of the smartphones as well, the notion is undeniable. Today, every 8 out of ten people are using android based smartphones, but only handfuls have the proper idea of the antivirus. Whenever they are asked to get the security software into their devices, they scratch their heads and fail to choose one from the vast oblivion of the mobile antiviruses. Therefore, this article will serve the exact purpose of enlightening people with the top 6 antiviruses for their favorite android devices. Read below:

  1. AVG Antivirus scans the apps, the setting and also the various files in the real time mode. They also enable the function of locating the lost files or the stolen phone with the help of Google Maps. The user can also wipe or lock the device for the protection purposes. The software kills the tasks that slow the device.
  2. The AVAST Mobile Security comes with the features that enable the user to remove the malware from the device, implementing the anti-theft feature inside the device core, locating the lost phone and implementing app manager, firewall, and network meter.
  3. The BitDefender comes with the features of automatic scanning of the newly installed apps, switching the battery saver mode on, enhancing the speed of the device and also a 14-day free trial version.
  4. The Kaspersky Internet Security app comes with the features of scanning and detecting malware including Trojans and uprooting them, protecting the personal data of the device, and also keeps the financial data secured.
  5. The McAfee Mobile Security app comes with the facilities of preventing the loss of data, protecting the device from malware, taking the snapshot of the person holding your lost device and informing for notification.
  6. The Norton Security and Antivirus come with the features of scanning and removing malware, SMS-locking of the device, remote locking for prevention of the data theft, locating the lost device and instant locking off the SIM card when it is removed.
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