The writing was never an option for the people when it came to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Since the jet era of the modern technology is not stable, rather ever changing, anyone with the profession of writing needs to carry mobile devices that are capable of recording the written scriptures. Today’s smart Android based phones have developed hundreds of apps that aid the writers with their job no matter where they are, or at what time they get to complete their projects. People travel more, so, it is obvious that they will want to carry lesser baggage with them, and if a smartphone can help them in writing out their matters, then there is nothing more convenient like it. Below is the enlisted top five Android apps in aid of the new age writers which can help them to write on their mobile devices

  • IA Writer
    This app is immensely popular with the users of the iOS platform. Then it gathered new fans when it was launched on the Android platform. This app has the feature of syncing the files in it with the Google Drive (for the Android version of course!) as well as Dropbox. Multiple numbers of files can be exported in this app. It is free of cost.
  • Monospace Writer BETA
    This app has the features of the simple design, basic formatting of texts and is also best for the writers who want to write without any distraction. This app is also integrated with the Google Drive as well as Dropbox. One can also access the cloud storage for just $4.
  • Jotter Pad
    This app is ideal for script and story writing. It has a user-friendly interface with multiple editing options. It also has Bluetooth keyboard features and other such connectivity shortcuts.
  • Writer Plus
    Writer Plus has a great looking interface with formatting ability of texts. It has no support for any cloud storage. The documents have to be stored on the local device.
  • MarkdownX
    This app enhances the writing style of the writer. It has a preview mode. The user can access the Dropbox and also export the files in the formats of HTML text, free of prices.
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