In recent years, the emergence of software in predicting how and when one would die is overwhelming. It may sound crazy at this point of time, but a team of researchers has invented a system that can predict when and how an individual would die. It is a commonly accepted fact that from the mere utterance of the word death, a person begins to tremble but thanks to technology, it can change this notion. As per Australian researchers, the software developed by them is based on a system of artificial intelligence can predict the exact reasons of a person’s death.

Moreover, this application can scan the images of a person’s organ and can predict the reason of a person’s death with 69 percent accuracy. Moreover, it is also a widely accepted fact that dying is right, but one should know how and when he or she would die. Hence, the real puzzle lies in this aspect. This system was published in the journal named Scientific Reports and it was developed by researchers at the University of Adelaide. The researchers have studied the organ images of 48 patients and correctly predicted which patients would die in the next five years with almost 70 percent accuracy.

Quite interestingly, the highest rate of success was abundant in patients who were suffering from chronic and severe diseases such as heart failure and cancers. However, the artificial intelligence system is just a technology that has deep and continuous learning. It is interesting to note that this study was conducted on a small sample of patients and hence it has collaborated without any doubt that the computer is quite adept at recognizing imaging texts that are very complex in nature. This process also requires intensive training facilities for human specialists.

Artificial Intelligence can beat human brains

We are living in an era in which everything is dependent on computers. The computer and artificial intelligence can also lay stress on predicting the exact time and reasons for death. These systems can predict medical outcomes in such a way that the physicians cannot perform.

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