It is a commonly observed phenomenon that we have a wide variety of web browsers on our smartphones. Some of them are feature rich while the others are useful for the purpose of surfing websites. On the other hand, recent trends suggest that users these days are concerned more about their data usage patterns as the data prices continue to soar despite the fact that the internet is widespread everywhere. In this context, it is interesting to note that Opera has launched a new web browser called the Opera Max 3.0 that is capable of saving data. Hence, this app is seen as a boon for them who want to save the significant amount of data without compromising on the quality of entertainment.

Opera has dished out a capable web browser in the form of Opera Max 3.0. It is a web browser that can adequately address all your concerns related to data saving. It also has an active data saving mode that optimizes individual web pages that have high-resolution images. As a result, you can save a lot of data by surfing the web with the help of this fantastic web browser. The secret of its data saving feature lies in the fact that it uses a VNP that can link the users to Opera services. In this way, the content is optimized in such a way that it uses very fewer data.

According to Opera, its new revolutionary browser has a whole new user interface. It allows the user to interact with the browser freely. The new version has a different design, and it is responsible for greater control of data in various situations. On the other hand, Opera has included a data management system in the newer version of this app that actively takes into consideration the higher consumptions of data and optimizes the content of a web page so that there is less use of data. Another prominent feature of this browser lies in the fact that with a simple touch, the Facebook page can be highly optimized to save information in an efficient manner.



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