In the recent turn of events, the tech giant GPD has launched a promotional campaign at the Indiegogo convention regarding its GPD pocket Laptop. This device is a merely seven-inch pocket-sized computer which has the powerful processor of Intel Atom inside it. This pocket-sized personal computer can be easily carried by the user in his or her pocket, and the great thing about it? This device fruitfully operates the systems of Linux and also Windows 10. You might vaguely remember the time when the word ‘pocket computer’ was in the trend of the technical world. It revolved around the idea of carrying a computer inside the jacket and taking out as a laptop used for the purposes of reading and replying to emails. But in this case, a 7-inch screened pocket-sized computer can be jolly well imagined as a phablet or a phone tablet which does all the work of a personal computer. Well, it might be interesting for you to know that these devices work smarter than the smartphones. This device has a great potential in catching the attention of the professionals who cannot afford to stay off-line, at any hours of the day. No matter how fairytale like this concept might sound, in the convention, the owners of the company have cleared the air of the devices’ existence. One is sure to get amazed by the features that are implemented in the devices as the part of their interface of the pocket GPD integrates.

The specifications of the device

  • The pocket GPD has got an inbuilt RAM of 8GB and the 128GB internal storage.
  • The processor is created by Intel Corporation in the variation of Atom x7-Z8750 along with high definition graphics card support
  • The screen is 7 inches with the aspect ratio of 16:10 and the pixel resolution is 1920×1200.
  • The screen of the device is obviously tactile with the protection provided by Gorilla Glass 3.
  • The device also has a USB type C and a USB type A 3.0. There is also an HDMI audio port for jacks of 3.5 millimeters.
  • The keyboard is QWERTY, and also has an integrated track point.
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