In earlier discussions, it has already been mentioned that Petya is a dangerous ransomware that has attacked a lot of countries which includes Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Germany. Moreover, NATO also regards this ransomware as an act of war. Nowadays, it is a widely observed fact that there have been massive attacks from the cyber criminals and this has affected the users of the internet. Moreover, it is also an important point to note that cyber attackers are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to launching wide-scale hacking attempts.

Quite interestingly, the attack that happened last week is on the stage of an investigation. Moreover, the evidence found points towards the fact that it is carried out by a particular nation with a specific purpose. However, NATO considers this as an act of war as it is monitored closely by this body.

At this point, there are still no certainties, but the full evidence does suggest that this Petya ransomware attack has been carried out by the active participation of the Russian Government. However, the exact reasons behind carrying out this attack are still not known. Another interesting fact is that the day Petya launched its ransomware attack on Ukraine, Kiev’s blamed Russia.

Currently, NATO is investigating this cyber-attack and has made public its views on this deadly attack. On the flipside, the Cyber Defense Center of Excellence has made it crystal clear that what steps need to be taken for proper investigation. Moreover, if the important government sectors are targeted, then in all probability, it would be treated as a violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine.

As a result, this could be a wrongful act that can have universal value to it. Moreover, it may also give several other states to respond with adequate measures. Moreover, if one or more NATO nations get affected by this ransomware, it would lead to a response from the NATO. Unlike other ransomware attacks, Petya seems to be created to wreak havoc on a single nation on a clear set of infrastructures. However, the response to these attacks would be directed to the true perpetrators of this attack.

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