Apple is known for creating a buzz in the market before the release of any of its iPhones. They keep the information about the features of the smartphones under lock and key and only bring it in front of the public when the phone is officially released in the market. They like to keep the media and the customers guessing about the product.

The latest news that has been doing the round in the tech market is that the tech giant is all set to release their latest creation in the market, the iPhone 8. But this is not the main catch. An excellent source has commented that the smartphone will not have the signature touch ID detection that is present in all other iPhones.

According to the sources, the latest Apple phone that will be released in the market will have a screen that will measure a whopping 5.8-inch OLED monitor. If the rumors are to be believed, then this gadget will be the phone with the biggest screen. The rumors also suggest that the company has decided to remove the Touch ID sensor for the successful implementation of the OLED technology.

The phone will have the digital Home button present on the touch screen, and the size of the frame will also be reduced to increase the size of the screen. The camera and the audio components will be placed at the top of the smartphone.

But does this mean that the company is compromising on the safety of the phone? Absolutely not! The company will do away with the signature ID feature but will be installing something more sophisticated and affective in its place. If the rumors are to be believed, then the Touch ID will be replaced with facial recognition feature. For this, the company will be installing required tech on the phone, and the camera will be enabled to capture 3D images for

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