Just a few months back, people saw the launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The hangover of these two mighty gadgets by Apple did not get over from the minds of the people; and now, the news of Apple’s new iPhone 8 is taking turns in the technological sites. It is being said that the iPhone 8 will be available in four new colors and all of the models of the phones will be coming out in new mirror finish of the exterior. The rumors also comprise of a lot of speculations regarding the new phone’s screen, design, sensors, etc. The rumors have become the talk of the town, and the iPhone lovers have nearly lost their sleep in generating the eagerness to meet the new phone. They are really hoping that some of the rumors will actually meet their expectations in reality. The search engines have been filled with the search options for iPhone 8, and each of the websites is featuring different results, sparking the confusion more. Apple’s iPhone 8 is rumored to be coming out with a humongous 5.8 inches OLED screen that will cover the entire front portion of the device. iPhone 8 is being said to be coming out with wireless charging feature, the inclusion of sensors, power button dual camera and much more. The touch ID panel will not be there at the back of the phone anymore. Instead, a three-dimensional face recognizing sensor will be implemented for security purposes of the device. With the launch of iPhone 8, the device will mark its 10th anniversary in the market.

It is extremely difficult for the people to say anything with substantial evidence regarding the speculations of the upcoming version of iPhone 8, for obvious reasons. But one thing is for sure; Apple is thinking of creating something revolutionary to garner its esteemed users all over the world, and, if the speculations are to be taken into account truly, Apple will inevitably be able to create a definite niche in the market with its new revolutionary feature. It will be changing the face of the Apple’s mobile fan base, from all over the world.

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