Now unbox Android O and get mystic features. The newest version of Android, the Android O has become the talk of the town nowadays. Haven’t you heard about the Android O? If you do not know or just know a little, you cannot miss the topic. So, let’s get know about the fantastic update.

What is Android O?

Android O is the latest Android mobile operating system. This was the first launched as the alpha quality developer preview on 2017. Android O has come up with some latest technology and great setting. Android O includes combined support for picture-in-picture modes. Adding any custom notification sound, alarm tone or ringtone is simplified. The Settings app subjects an entirely brand new design along with the white theme as well as deeper categorization for different settings. On the home screen of the mobile, number badges can easily appear on several app icons that indicate the notification.


Now you already know what Android O is but do you know it lies on the great platform. Android O will enhance the support for the NAN (Neighborhood Aware Networking) for Wi-Fi based on the Wi-Fi aware. Android O includes additional restrictions on an app’s background activities to enhance the battery life. The first Android O developer has arrived for the Pixel XL, Pixel C, Google Pixel, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player and Nexus 5X. At present, the Android O has come up with lots of the amazing features and setting up.

Schedule of the Android O

The Android O launch will eventually become Android 8.0 though the dessert name has not been revealed yet. Google has now shared the timeline for a rollout of each and every preview builds along with the second developer broadcast due out in mid-May, probably during Google I/O, the third in mid-June along with the fourth in mid-July. With the launch of Android O, it has grabbed all the attention of Android users. So, to upgrade your OS, you have to go through the complete process as described in Google. But before installing the Android O version on your device, you need to check if your device is compatible with this version or not.

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