In recent years, tech giant and search engine giant Google is determined to clean the house, and this is why it has decided that it would end the seven-year-old Android Market for devices that still run Android 2.1 Éclair and below. On the other hand, it is also a widely accepted fact that Google is one of the most popular search engines of the world. However, apart from its search engine platform, Google is also famous because of Android. Android is one of the major operating systems that are used in many major smartphones.

As opposed to earlier times, nowadays Google is projecting a mindset that lays stress on cleaning the house. Hence, it is quite evident that the search engine giant is taking a firm hand in managing the destinations of the mobile operating system. On the contrary, after creating some policies with the vendors, the company is laying stress on ending the documentation.

Hence, on 30th of June, Google would end its support for Android devices that still run Android Éclair version. Moreover, as per the software engineer on Google Play. Mr. Ruppanner has mentioned that this change would take place with even notifying the device as there are many technical restrictions in the Android Market.

Hence, with this decision, the users cannot install or remove any apps from the Android Market. This change would be effected without any prior notifications or warning. The Android Market came to the existing seven years ago in devices that run Android 2.1 and below. Quite interestingly, many app developers are not supporting this market as users who belong to the Android Market install a very less amount of applications. Moreover, with Android devices that run 2.2 or higher versions would still get support from Google as they have Play Store. The later versions would be backed by Google as a significant number of users belong to this category. Furthermore, many app developers are of the opinion that they design applications that would meet the requirements of many users. The users would continue to get support from the app developers.

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