Unlike Apple, Google usually allows the free placement of several applications developed by developers. As a result, this has contributed to junk in the Play Store. Moreover, the growing number of poorly designed apps is lowering the reputation of Google. Hence, Google is considering closing its system so that play store would become safer and secure.

According to many experts, this is a strategy that has been long followed by Apple, but now Google would implement this strategy to check the number of junk apps. In recent years, there are more apps in the play store than in the iOS store, and this is the reason behind Google’s new strategy not to allow junk apps. On the other hand, Google is also encouraging app developers and programmers to create high-quality applications. However, this has only led to the rising number of junk apps in the Android market.

Is the Free System More Secure in Nature?

It is a widely accepted fact that Apple keeps tight control over its applications. On the flipside, the approach of Google has been much lenient. It is so because the Play Store attracts a fair number of programmers when compared to the iOS store. It facilitates the creativity of the developer, and as a result, some applications crash and fail consistently. These apps also draw a huge amount of power at times.

In recent years, the endeavors of Google revolves around the theme that it wants to improve the overall Android experience by laying stress on security, speed and stability of the operating system. This would enable the system more capable of reaching various users and programmers.

Google has launched Project Treble in a bid to enhance the cooperation of Android with the needs of the manufacturer. This would give a more enhanced experience to the users when they would use the apps. Google collects accurate data, and according to these stats, it disables certain apps that do not pass through its eligibility system. In recent years, Google has faced a lot of criticism, and this step by Google would help it to reverse the trend.

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