Google is planning to launch its new application with the help of which thousands of job seekers can easily find their jobs. If one has imagined that they have seen all the services and latest apps of Google, then they would be proved wrong with the launch of this new app. This app is called the Google Hire, and it aims to connect thousands of job seekers to potential employers. It has a very easy to use interface that makes it possible for the job seekers to find the right type of employment in a particularly less amount of time. Hence, Google has done a good thing to the prospective job seekers.

On the other hand, many also agree to the fact that this new app would not resemble like that of job portal. Hence, the potential job seekers can now be assured of the fact that they would not get annoying phone calls for job offers. On the flip side, if Google launches this app, then the potential job seekers can now live in peace as they do not have to run in search of employment. Moreover, the new app that is to be launched by Google promises to deliver the first user-friendly interface that would have support for world’s popular languages. Also, with the help of user-friendly interface, the employers can now chat live with the job seekers.

It is quite a revolution if Google Hire comes to the market that is already populated with a lot of other job seeking apps. It is interesting to note that the Google Hire also has a direct integration with Google Maps. It implies that if you cannot find the exact location of your new office, Google Maps would automatically send you notifications with the help of which you can easily locate your office. Hence, the user-friendliness of this app would garner a lot of attention if it is launched by Google in the coming days. On the other hand, it would give other applications a run for their money.

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