In recent years, the popularity of search engine giant Google has increased manifold because it is indulging itself in manufacturing cheap android phones. In this context, it is worthwhile to mention that Android is the operating system of Google that many smartphones use currently. This move by Google is also seen as an attempt to unlock more customers in the developing countries.

The new program is known by the name Android Go. This news was first announced at the Alphabet Inc. and in the conference in Mountain View, California. This new program is so versatile in nature that it mixes directly into the operating system of Google. Moreover, Google’s operating system for cheap phones is designed in such a manner that it is compatible with cheap phones too. This software can also manage cellular data costs. If recent reports are to be believed, this service will be launched in 2018.

Also, it is worth noting that Google releases newer versions every year. However, most of the devices use the older versions of the software. As a result, these phones do not get much security and feature updates which are a common problem for the company. As per Sameer Samat, India has more active Android users than the United States of America. However, he also mentioned that in countries like India, the high cost of mobile data restricts the people to buy Google Smartphones.

However, with the help of Android Go, tracking mobile data becomes easier. It can also tie itself with the billing systems of carrier networks. However, in earlier attempts, Google has tried to solve this problem by developing a phone called Android One. But it failed to make an impact on the minds of people.

Moreover, Android Go would be available on phones that run the latest Android version. This new software would enable to run versions of Google apps that need fewer data. According to Samat, YouTube is one of those apps. Google would also design a list of apps that are destined to use small data.

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