It is a known fact that the tech giant Google has the exciting habit of surprising the users by coming up with great applications for mobile devices that will meet the requirements of the new age Android systems. Recently, Google has made the news headlines again by announcing the news of launching a great application for the Android operating system. There are hundreds of mobile applications in the store of Google, the Play Store which focuses on the purpose of providing the clients with the best of the services and functionalities. There are no competitions to be matched. The latest proposal of the app hails from the Android Samba Client, which might help millions of users if realized. However, Google is showing a strange behavior and preventing it to be used by the users. Whenever it is needed, Google helps it user by coming up with great apps that the users need to use. This motivation has actually inspired Android Samba Client to come up with a revolutionary app.

About the New Android Samba App by Tech Giant Google

The Android Samba Client enables any user of the devices to access any Android user’s partitions of the Windows even if the files are protected with passwords or even free access. Just like any other file explorer, the Android Samba Client app enables the user with the navigation as well as the managing of the same after connecting it to the server. The users also can download the files from the Android app and also store then on the device’s drive, or even in the cloud. Another striking thing about the app is that it runs away from the Google’s line of other apps. The company has decided to make the source code open to the users of the Android devices. It is needless to say that the new app will provide a safe and secure platform to the users of this operating system by protecting the phone from malware like the NotPetya or WannaCry.

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