In recent years, the popularity of the search engine giant Google has increased manifold because its mobile operating system Android is a big hit among many users. Besides that, the Google Play Store which is also the official store to download Google and other third party applications is quite popular among many users. On the other hand, many individuals love the Android platform as it has ease of use and is versatile in nature too. However, to make things easier for the users, Google has reportedly launched a new section in the Play Store.

The new section in the Play Store is termed as “Android Excellence.” This section would make the user stay updated with the recent developments of their favorite application. Moreover, this section would also inform the user based on their usage patterns and performance about a particular application. This new section can be found in the newly launched Editor’s choice area.

The Android excellence would depict the applications the best practices which are followed by the company. As per Google on its new blog post, these new collections would describe applications and games that have the ability to deliver the incredible experience of the users on Android. These applications that would be available in the new section would have great features and design that would greatly appeal to the users.

As per many technology experts, the Android Excellence Program introduced by Google is much extensive in nature. The list of the newly revamped excellence section would feature new games like the Hitman Go, Renegade and Riptide GP. On the other hand, this section would also have applications like Pocket, Memrise, and Skyscanner.

As the list would be refreshed on a quarterly basis, the users would have sufficient time to think that which applications are useful for them. Moreover, this section also has a great user interface which can be an excellent way to make the users feel familiar with the interface. Moreover, this new section would also increase the popularity of Google as many users would love this feature.

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