After the process of integrating some interesting features and characteristics into the popular social networking site Facebook, the CEO of this major social media sitewould launch a new messaging application for teenagers. Quite interestingly after assimilating the ephemeral videos of Snapchat into Facebook, the social media giant has planned to win the hearts of the teenage population. On the other hand, there is rising information that would point to an application named Talk. It is an instant messaging application that would lay stress on teenage user patterns such as masks, games, and stickers.

Moreover, other leaked descriptions are against this target audience. Quite phenomenally, this new instant messaging application from Facebook that is named Talk does not need a social network profile. On the flipside, with the help of this app parents can monitor their children in a better manner. Instant messaging apps are famous for the reason that they aid in the communication process. With the help of instant messaging apps, one should just have to type texts.

Instant messaging apps are built around the very theme of emoticons. Nowadays, instead of texting people send various emoticons that effectively denote the meaning of texts. Hence, it is a super substitute for those who do not want to text and type. According to many modern days, clinical psychologist’s emoticons have invaded both personal and professional lives. These characters and icons have the ability to convey certain nuances that sometimes become socially unacceptable to write.

On the flipside, many emoticons also denote hidden meanings that are great for talking in sign languages. Instant messaging apps help in ensuring better privacy as compared to other apps used for messaging. It is so because they have proper security measures in place. Even some of the apps have double encrypted security measures. Moreover, as compared to older versions of cellphone communication in which people are always on the lookout for listeners who invade the privacy of others, instant messaging apps comes as a boon for them.

However, the launch of this application is only a rumor and hence should not be taken seriously. By using instant messaging apps, one can guarantee that the conversation will remain entirely private and no third person can see it.

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