If someone has a good memory, then they can recall that how Apple has in its previous statement stated the ways through which it pays to the developers of its applications. Quite interestingly Apple has also indicated that it has paid 70 billion through the use of its App Store. Moreover, Apple has spent over 20 billion dollars in the last year.

There are growing reports of how the developers are taking benefit of the in-app purchases coupled with the advantage of search advertisements. On the other hand, the in-app purchases combined with search ads is what motivating users to subscribe to illogical services like this. There are many applications VPN services, password generators and virus scanners that are helping the developers to earn money.

As per Johny Lin, many illogical applications are emerging in the App store. In the productivity category, many applications are from reputed developers like Microsoft and Dropbox. But there are also apps whose existence is meaningless in the App store. For instance, an app named Mobile Protection App has no practicality in modern days in case of an iPhone as it comes loaded with a host of security features.

Furthermore, there are other apps like full virus and malware scanner whose existence is just meaningless in the App store. It is so because it is nearly impossible for any app to scan the iPhone for malware and viruses. This is the way with the help of which many developers are generating the huge amount of income.

Moreover, there are other applications like the Clean and Security VPN which brings about 80 thousand dollars revenue annually, but quite interestingly this app provides no real services and makes money by scamming the users. On the flipside, as Apple does not have any process in place for approval and search advertisements, the developers can manipulate search ads in the App store so that they can gain traction via unoriginal apps.

As per experts, developers are abusing the new and immature App Store Search Advertisements. Moreover, the developers are taking advantage of the fact that there is no process of approval.

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