In recent years, technology has improved so much that a virtual assistant can judge our moods and thereby can help us to feel happy. The Silicon Valley Research Lab is also known as SRI International is reportedly working on a new generation of virtual assistants. In this context, it is important to note that Apple’s virtual assistant Siri was born in this research lab. The new virtual assistants that were born out of this lab can respond to the emotions of the users.

On the flipside, the artificial intelligence systems from major social networking and shopping sites like Facebook and Amazon are invading the lives of many individuals. Hence, there is an increasing need for many machines to comprehend the words spoken by people. Moreover, experts are also of the opinion that the machines should also understand the meaning of the words spoken by individuals. Furthermore, they are also of the view that the emotional cues are also important to know in case the machines need to respond directly to their users.

As per William Mark, human beings change behavior as per the person with whom they are talking. In other words, William also wants a machine to do the same. William Mark also heads the SRI International’s Information and Computing Sciences Division and is also of the opinion that there is an increasing need for machines to do the same. SRI is more focused on selling this technology to their commercial partners.

This system is designed in such a manner that it can easily identify the emotional state of human beings that are based on a large number of cues. These signals also include patterns, facial tones, and body movements.

SenSay can add intelligence to a medical store and can also act as a phone assistant. It also can predict that whether a patient is confused or not by listening to their speech.

Quite interestingly, these machine-based learning techniques are usually trained on the variety of scenarios that also depends on how they would be used. These new virtual assistants can also monitor specific words that help them to judge a person’s mental condition.

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