We want to share with you the simple tricks of hiding your important folders and files inside the calculator of your Android device. You are required to secure it with a password, and the “=” option in your device will show you the files when you need to see it. You can learn more about these in this article. We are aware that there are plenty of users who are operating Android phones these days. Android system is one platform which possesses more features than the other operating system that exists in the world. To have the privacy for your contents, it is important for you to know the tricks to hide your valuable files and folders in the calculator app.

To know more about the process, read this article until the end. You can protect your files and folders by using the ‘Smart Hide Calculator’ which can provide you multiple functions with a surprising twist. This is regarded as a vault to store videos, document, and pictures safely.

The Method of Hiding the Files

“Smart Hide Calculator” is a great app to locate your things. You are required to fix a password at the first when you download the app. The password also can be changed in the future as per requirement. By pressing the ‘=’ button on your device, and you will be able to hide and unhide videos, pictures, and documents with an extension which exists in a folder within the memory card, and if your system has direction, you are also allowed to freeze and unfreeze applications

1. The first thing that you need to do is to download the app and then install it.

2. Open the application and give it a password. This password will be used to unlock the hidden files in your device.

3.When you are done setting the password, the multifunctional calculator app will be visible on the screen of the device.

4.You are required to enter your password and click on “=” option to open the vault.

5.Once you have opened the vault, you will be getting options such as hide files and unhide the files, etc.

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