Brace yourselves, for again comes the news of the Tech Giant Samsung’s phone exploding; and this time, into the hand of a four-year-old tech lover. Just when the company announced the news of re-launching the notoriously famous exploding phone Galaxy Note 7, the company now remains in splits with the incoming news of J7’s explosion.

About the Incident

Just a few days back, in Pakistan, a four-year-old, while fiddling with the Samsung Galaxy J7, fell prey into the hand of a massive explosion of the device’s battery; although, there were no severe injuries to be reported of. According to a recent remark, made by Phone Arena, Naureen Ahsan lent her newly bought devices to her 4-year old daughter so that she could play with the applications in it. It did not take much time for the device to get overheated and then explode into the hands of the child, the four-year-old little girl. The situation was obviously scary at first, for both the mother-daughter duo. After the incident, she has been advising the parents to keep their children at bay from getting in touch with the phones.

What do the Reports say?

If the testimonial of Naureeen is to be considered, the Samsung Galaxy J7 exploded due to overheating or lagging due to the opening of the gaming application. She also shared the details of an incident where her four-year-old nephew also faced the similar exploding incident when he was trying to play with Talking Tom game. The phone got heated and exploded. The incidents are no doubt, extremely terrifying as experiences. Of course, you might think that this explosion case is extremely rare, and given to the fact that the J7 that was launched in the year 2016, faced only one or two of these. The Galaxy J7 falls in the Google’s list of most-searched and bought phones in 2016, and these incidents have somehow managed to alarm the electronic consumers about the company’s credibility with their mobile devices. Be very careful while purchasing your new cell phone the next time, and also ensure that you do not have any such application that might try to take over the phone’s working structure.

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