It is widely observed that over 22 million people die due to the reason of cardiovascular diseases. However, with the help of modern technology, this could go down. In the United Kingdom, an algorithm is in the development stages with the aid of which it can be actually predicted that whether a person is going to die from heart disease or a stroke. On the other hand, the risks of heart diseases are being measured by guidelines framed by the American College of Cardiology. Based on their guidelines several factors like cholesterol levels, blood pressure and age are included in the prediction of a cardiovascular stroke or a disease of a person.

The role of artificial intelligence which is also known as AI in diagnosing cardiovascular problems is a boon for the patients who are at an increasing risk of developing heart diseases. There exist a lot of interactions in our bodies that are often counter-intuitive in nature. In a research that is undertaken by the University of Nottingham and based on Artificial Intelligence has compared the guidelines defined by the American College of Cardiology. The AI process analyzed the data of a huge number of patients in the United Kingdom with the objective of finding patterns related to patients with cardiovascular illnesses.

It utilized the data from the year 2005, and it predicted that the individuals ten years from now would suffer from heart diseases. The AI system also analyzed several other 22 factors that are termed necessary in the prediction of heart diseases. It included factors like ethnicity, kidney disease, and arthritis. More than 85,000 records are being used in the test sample for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

This method was able to predict that these individuals have 8% more cardiovascular problems than in reality. Hence, it is evident that this practice of AI is quite beneficial in predicting the patients with heart diseases. On the flipside, the false alarms were also reduced by around 2% which made sure that the patients do not panic. This also implies that the AI would be able to detect around 400 cases that resulted in the death of patients.



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